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Benefits at Hunan University

Employee benefits

We value every member of faculty at the University, across all departments and all roles. We offer salary and benefit packages to reward motivation, effort and high quality contributions.

Annual salary guide

Annual salary of about RMB 200,000 to RMB 450,000; Eligible to receive rewards for academic achievements in accordance to relevant policies of the university. Besides standard package for different rank of posts from university, each school and college offers extra compensation and benefit to attract and retain the talented scholars.

Research grant

  • Start-up research package:
  • Science and Engineering: professor RMB 1,000,000/person, associate professor RMB 500,000/person, and assistant professor RMB 250,000/person;
  • Humanities and Social science: professor RMB 500,000/person, associate professor RMB 300,000/person, and assistant professor RMB 150,000/person.

Housing benefit

  • Settlement allowance: RMB 300,000 for Professors, RMB 200,000 for Associate Professors, and RMB 150,000 for Assistant Professors.

Medical benefit

  • Full University benefits and public insurance.

Child schooling benefit

  • Subsided University-owned nursery, primary school and middle school, ranked top in the city.

Leisure benefits

  • Discounted membership for our sports facilities at the University, including a high-profile indoor sports centre and swimming pools.


  • Three months of university semester holidays. Summer holiday runs from July to August, and winter holiday around Chinese New Year.

William Qualls, Professor,
Distinguished Foreign Experts of Chinese National 1000 Talent Plan
College of Business, Hunan University

The Business School at Hunan University is an institution where students can nurture their passion and build for the future. The combination of intentionally trained faculty and excellent facilities foster an environment of innovation and experiential learning that prepares students for leadership positions in industry and government.